Easy Ways To Relieve Your Headaches

For some people, the pain of a throbbing headache is the worst pain that they can imagine feeling at that moment. Not only does it cause discomfort, headaches can be debilitating. They happen for a variety of reasons, and no matter what that reason is, if you’re in pain, you need it to go away! Most of the time, headaches are present when a person is under pressure, and if it gets worse, you can end up in bed with a cold cloth on your eyes to stave off the pain. 

A headache can be mild and irritating or more severe. It can cause nausea and neck pain, backache, and jaw pain. A headache – if it’s bad enough – won’t be cured by simply taking Cipladon paracetamol tablets, and while you are itching to get to the root of the cause of the headache, you also want some relief from the pain as quickly as possible. 

Most of the time, headaches are brought on by stress, and if you are dealing with stress often, you’re going to feel it. Stress can cause a lot of tension in the jaw, neck, and back – and boom, headache. Fortunately, a massage can work to relieve stress, and, in turn, your headache. Let’s take a look at how massage is going to help:

1. Start with your eyes. When you close your eyes to the light around you, you do so to soothe the pain of a headache that can also be affecting your eyes. Place your fingers to your eyes just above the cheekbones and massage firmly and gently. Give it a minute for each eye and move in a circle to help.




2. Move to the nose. Many headaches are also connected to sinus pressure. Using your thumbs, go beneath your eyebrows and feel where the bone is meeting the bridge of the nose. Find the point of a small indentation and press your thumbs into these points.



3. Massage the neck. The tension in your neck can affect your head, and if you massage the points in your neck at the base of the skull, you can relieve some of the tension and reduce the pain in your head. Keep it going for a few minutes to feel the benefits.




4. Head upward to the scalp, and let your palms rest on your head – then start pressing gently in circles. Having a professional do this is far preferable than trying to do it yourself, but a scalp massage can do wonders for you! 

Take some deep breaths after you have completed each of these massages, and then have a glass of cool water; hydrating can often help get rid of a headache. This routine is going to work to reduce the pressure in your head and remove the pain – allowing you to return to your day-to-day activities. 

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