5 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Severe Back Pain

Any person that has ever experienced severe back pain will tell you that it can significantly impact your daily life. Unlike mild back pains, which may not be quite as much of a problem since they are manageable and do not prevent you from carrying out your daily tasks, severe back pains are a nightmare with far-reaching consequences.  

Besides the pain and tampering with your way of life, the condition may result in serious repercussions such as permanent disabilities, spinal stenosis, and nerve damage when left untreated. As such, take action to identify the cause of your recurring back pain as soon as you can, and deal with it immediately by following any of the measures below.

Have a Physician Examine Your Condition

Back pains should naturally go away once properly treated. If you do your due diligence in following the doctor’s advice and staying away from the causes, their reoccurrence should alarm you that something is amiss.

At this juncture, consider getting a second medical opinion. Note that your back pain could be communicating the first stages of scoliosis or some other chronic issue, and thus you could be getting the wrong treatment, making the situation worse.

Therefore, if your pain keeps coming back, make plans to get different opinions to rule out any misdiagnosis. Professional spine physicians such as Southwest Scoliosis are knowledgeable on such matters and will help you figure out what exactly is ailing you.


Exercising could be the solution to your recurring back problems. It helps keep your back healthy by supplying the discs with nutritious fluids, thus enabling them to perform their work diligently. Moreover, engaging in workout activities helps reduce stiffness and keep the back muscles flexible.

It also works magic in strengthening and repairing support muscles, useful in keeping the back sturdy. Nonetheless, make sure to first consult with your doctor for guidance on the way forward before engaging in any form of exercise, and always be sure to properly do warm-up and warm-down stretches when working out. 

Keep Away From Harmful Habits

How do you sleep and get up from your bed? These actions may seem minute to you, but they might be the reason behind your never-ending discomfort. For instance, if you sleep on your stomach, or sleep on your back or side without using a pillow to support your knees, it might be causing your back pain. 

Additionally, actions such as always wearing high-heeled shoes, rounding your shoulders, or bending them sideways when standing stresses your back which, in worst cases, can alter the structure of your spine.

Therefore, for your back to recover fully, start by being mindful of how you do those small activities in your everyday life. Also, make sure to get a comfortable mattress, seating, and always stretch a bit in between extended periods of sitting.

Watch Your Diet

What you eat might be the reason why your back pains are proving stubborn. Some food and drink, including processed meat, fried foods, and excessive alcohol, accelerate inflammation that is highly associated with back pains. Also, certain foods such as those high in sugar lead to increased obesity, which can lead to back pain.

To improve the health of your back, be sure to eat a healthy diet rich in fish, beans, poultry, and eggs to provide the needed nutrients for muscle repair and quick recovery from injuries. Equally important, you need to drink sufficient water daily to help with the nourishment of spinal discs.

Another perfect way to fight back pain problems is to improve your calcium levels. A weak bone system causes dangling vertebrae, resulting in back pains. To add calcium to your body, ensure that you incorporate whole grains, soy milk, or calcium-fortified milk into your diet. 

Keep a Positive Mind Through Meditation and Mindfulness

Sometimes reducing recurring back pain can be encouraged by a change of mindset. Meditation and mindfulness help fight the pain by reducing the secretion of stress hormones known to cause inflammation and back discomfort. These actions also help to shift your mind from the pain and concentrate on something calming.  

Moreover, meditation results in the relaxation of your joint muscles and tissues, causing less pain. Therefore, make an effort to set aside time for these life-changing activities that will see you better manage back pain.

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