5 Anxiety Solutions You May Not Have Thought Of That Have Brilliant Results

In these challenging times we are living in, it is possible to be anxious quite often. Anxiety is expected from time to time due to relationships or work-related stress. However, if you are overly worried for long periods, like months, about issues that are unlikely to cause problems, you may have an anxiety disorder. The good news is that with every problem comes a solution. So, to work toward overcoming your anxiety, you can try the following practical solutions.

Breathing Techniques

Poor breathing skills and hyperventilation can potentially trigger anxiety, reduce carbon dioxide, and raise oxygen levels in the blood. On the other hand, carbon dioxide is critical for the regulation of anxiety and panic attacks. If the two become imbalanced, it might make you more susceptible to anxiety attacks.

To avoid this, you will need to use correct breathing techniques. Correct breathing means breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest, hence inhibiting hyperventilation. How can you know if you are properly breathing? Simple! When you are breathing correctly, your abdomen moves as you breathe, rather than your chest.

Another breathing technique you can try is to hold your breath for a few seconds to improve carbon dioxide flow in the blood.

Relaxation Techniques

If you are constantly anxious, you will have difficulties relaxing. You might want to incorporate relaxation techniques that teach you how to release tension from your muscles.Some relaxation techniques may take less than 10 minutes, but to have excellent results, do them consistently.

You can also incorporate isometric exercises for relaxation and progressive muscle relaxation techniques in your daily routine.

Diet Changes 

It’s advisable to increase the intake of magnesium-rich foods, as magnesium helps your muscle tissue to relax. If your body lacks enough magnesium, you could be prone to insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

Fortunately, you can also increase Vitamin B and calcium in your diet, and make the anxiety vanish. Additionally, your diet should be rich in green leafy vegetables, cereals, and dairy products with low-fat content.

You can also incorporate CBD oils for headaches into your routine. This is because CBD exhibits anxiolytic properties that help to combat anxiety and reduce pain. 

Building Your Self-esteem

A feeling of worthlessness can trigger and even escalate your anxiety since it inhibits your social growth and fosters fear of being judged.

Because of low self-esteem, you might end up living in isolation, or even get depressed. Moreover, you might find it hard to function correctly in different areas like school or at your workplace. However, it is possible to improve your self-esteem through counseling or support groups.

Problem-solving Skills

An anxious person sometimes worries too much about a problem instead of actively seeking a solution. Learning how to solve problems structurally can help combat anxiety. Structured problem-solving involves breaking down a problem into its different elements and then deciding on an action plan.

This is a valuable skill that you can learn, and it can help minimize anxiety and depression and foster critical thinking.


Incorporating a mix of these solutions into your daily routine can combat anxiety.

Whether you are worried about that work project or concerned about your relationships, these solutions can work for you. Take a deep breath, exhale, and relax. Life must go on. 

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