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4 Ways A Seriously Toxic Relationship Can Affect You



Are you worried that you are in a toxic relationship with a partner taking everything from you? Here are some of the impacts that a relationship like this can have on your life. 

A Knock To Your Self Confidence

First, you might find that a toxic relationship in your life is impacting your confidence. Toxic people will often eat away at your confidence as much as possible so that you don’t feel as though you can rely on yourself. Instead, they will make you feel as though you need to rely on them to cope or even survive. This means that you are going to face massive struggles when you are apart from them, and you will develop habits of dependency. People around you will notice a change like this, but you might not see it in yourself – at least at first.

Stressed Friendships

Separation From Friends And Family

Toxic people will often want to make sure that they are the center of your life. This means that they will try and separate you from friends and family as well as anyone else that you thought you could rely on or depend on. They will be particularly wary of individuals who they believe have a negative perception of them. If your family doesn’t approve of your partner, a toxic individual won’t try and fix things. Instead, they will push you further away from them so that you need to lean more toward your partner rather than other people in your life. 

Reliance On Crutches

You’re always going to feel like you’re sinking when you’re in a negative relationship. This means that you’re going to reach out and try and grab things that you believe will help you stay afloat. Some of these things – which look like lifeboats – can have negative impacts on your life. It’s not uncommon for people who end up in negative relationships to end up struggling with issues like dependency. You’ll need to find the right source for coping with something that you do become dependent on, particularly if it reaches an unhealthy level. 

More Stress from Toxic Relationship

More Stress

Finally, it’s likely that a toxic relationship will cause you to experience more stress in your life, regardless of whether you understand it to be the problem or not. The issue with stress is that it can build up underneath the surface without you realizing it. If someone in your life is taking everything from you and giving nothing back in return, it’s always going to hit you a lot harder than you might expect overall. You might want to think about coping with this by speaking to a therapist once you do escape the bad relationship. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that a toxic relationship can impact you. Remember, if you do notice signs that you are in a toxic relationship, then it’s important to take the right steps. This isn’t something that you can continue to ignore as ultimately, the situation is only going to get worse as time moves on.

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